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Re-usable Straws

Product image 1Re-usable Straws
Product image 2Re-usable Straws
Product image 3Re-usable Straws
Product image 4Re-usable Straws
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Bendable re-usable straws

Let’s save the planet one straw at a time! Over 1 billion plastic straws are used every day across the world and most are thrown away within minutes of being used. This poses a real danger to our wildlife and using reusable straws are without doubt much better for the environment.

Made with stainless steel and a bendable silicone section this straw is perfect for any drink or beverage. Created with all lifestyles in mind the straw comes apart for easy cleaning and storage. Complete with a convenient flexible silicone holder that fits easily in any bag or pocket so you’ve got no more excuses for using reusable straws.

10% of profits from the straws are donated to assist others in cleaning up our oceans and saving sea life!

Item Measurements - 0.75"L X 0.75"W X 5.75"H

Product Features:

• Material: Stainless Steel/Silicone


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